Welcome to ‘The Crystallized Consoles’

First of all, A big warm welcome to our site from The Crystallized Consoles team – however, just a quick warning for those of you looking at Google, Bing etc for the term “Crystallized Consoles”, this phrase has been selected as part of a competition on the eXceem forums to see who can rank the phrase the highest in the search engines. The good news is, as well as trying to get high rankings, we also believe content is king so we aim to give you the best site too!

If you have any questions about any of the content in this site, please feel free to contact us 😀

Our site is divided up into sections allowing you to gain inspiration on how to make your very own console have that little extra bit of bling:

crystallized mobile phone
Crystallized Consoles - xbox 360
Nintendo Wii

If you spot any case mods for any of the above consoles that you feel should be featured here, let us know!

What is a Crystallized Console?

Many people have heard of case modding and seen how people have stickers plastered all over their computer to make it look great, however the art of sticking a number of crystals to a product to make a pattern or an image is what makes your product become crystallized.

A great supplier of Swarovski Elements can be found here: http://www.beadsandcrystals.co.uk/

Why not go and order some to see how you could add bling to your console?


One response to “Welcome to ‘The Crystallized Consoles’

  1. Mehedi Hasan Shero

    It’s very beautiful page and I like it.

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